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{Some time ago, the company i worked for was shutting down and closing all stores, which was a very stessful time for all staff. It was our last day in the building. There was no stock, all the shelving had been pulled down, sold and was waiting for the new owner o load in his truck, the registers had long since been sold and taken away. We had two large tarps outside with closed written on them. The front door was open for a [big name drink company] representative to pick up thier fridge which had previously been rented by the company but due to the loading dock being occupied had to take it out the front door. Despite all the obvious signs a customer walks in and begins to wander around aimlessly before approaching me where i was disposing of useless paperwork}

Customer: Are you guys open?

Me: *incredulous* I’m sorry mam, this store has been closed down, as have the rest of the stored by this name.

Customer: Oh…is that why it’s so empty?

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