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(My work is doing a secret Santa, and we all pick names out of a hat. Not knowing what my recipient might want, I eventually decide to just give her candy, and pick a small vase to fill with multicoloured layers of gourmet jelly beans. I go to the store to get my beans, and when I am checking out, the bagger is a person with special needs, with a helper standing beside them. He makes an excited sound at the sight of all the delicious jelly beans. I go to the cafe area of the store to fill my vase, keeping a few beans back from each flavour. Once I am done, I bundle up my vase, pour all the leftover beans into one bag, and go up to the bagger.)

Me: “Here, have these!”

(He says nothing and just kind of stares between me and the beans.)

Helper: “Oh, this is a Christmas present! They’re for you!”

(He then makes another excited sound, and gives me a big grin.)

Me: “You’re welcome! I hope you like them.”

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