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Note: This particular restaurant has a kids eat free deal on Sundays.

I was having dinner with my family and noticed the woman at the table next to us having a heated discussion with a server, we overheard the following when the manager came over:

Manager: What seems to be the problem?

Woman: I want a kid’s meal for free. My child is at home.

Manager: Unfortunately if you want to take away a kid’s meal you will have to pay for it

Woman: Why? It says here that kid’s eat free on Sundays

Manager: Yes, they do in store with the purchase of any adult meal

Woman: Where does it say that? Show me your policy where is says kids have to be in store to receive the free meal?

Manager: I’m not sure if it’s specially stated, but the point of the special is to encourage kids to come in store and eat in our restaurant.

I’m surprised the manager handled it as well as she did, and the woman left pretty quickly once she realised she wasn’t getting her free meal.

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