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I’m a “barista” at a local coffee shop and it’s around 4pm, the time we start winding down to close (We close at 5pm on this specific day) when two men walk into the store. Important detail I’m a female.

Me: Welcome to [Store Name] how can I help you?

Customer 1: I’d like a blueberry scone

Me: Alright and for you sir?

Customer 2: I’ll take the “All American” coffee.

Me: Is that it?

Customer 1 & 2: Yep…

Me: alright your total is [Total]

I turn around to prepare the order and I hear one of the men gasp. I think he’s just looking at something at first or just breathing out or something but then I realize what’s actually happening….

Customer 1 to Customer 2 *Whispering*: She’s got a HUGE ass.

Cust 2 to 1 *Still Whispering*: I was thinkin’ the same thing.

Cust 1 to 2 *Still Whispering*: She’s gotta fucking have had surgery.

(I’ve never had plastic surgery done on my butt…)

Cust 2 to 1 *Wispering… Still*: Yeah. Why don’t women just embrace what they have and fucking deal with how they look?

Me: Yeah I know right? Luckily I’ve never had anything done with my bum. It’s a same how some women get that stuff done.

Their mouths both drop because they realize I heard them the whole time.
They grab their stuff and leave… very quickly…

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