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(Working he express lane at a grocery store which also has a tendency to be where people do the most returns)

Customer: Hi I’d like to return these but get new ones in replacement.

Me: Alright, so you would like to do an exchange?

Customer: Yes, I suppose. But I also want to buy these things.

*do the exchange and hand the receipt to the customer who has also bought new product*

Customer: Why did that cost me money.

Me: Well, we did the exchange which voided out the total of your two products but then you bought additional groceries.

Customer: I don’t understand why I would have to pay for this if I’m just exchanging product.

*After a lot of back and forth of me explaining to her that groceries cost money*

Me: so you see, you aren’t paying for the products you exchanged but you do have to pay for the new products you are getting today.

Customer: This is a scam, you are trying to rip me off. I will email home office and you will be hearing from me!

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