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It was mid-afternoon and I was having a late lunch at a quiet sushi train when a woman and her small child walked in. The woman asked for a certain dish to be served without seaweed for her daughter, but it appeared that the waitress only knew English as a second language and wasn’t entirely sure what the woman was asking. She kept saying the dish came with seaweed.

Then the woman being served kicked up a fuss and started yelling at the waitress saying how stupid it was that they couldn’t just make the dish without seaweed. Her daughter then started crying and the woman began trying to guilt trip the waitress saying that she was making her daughter cry.

I was about to step in and tell the woman that her daughter was probably crying for the shame of having such a mother – that reasonable people don’t start screaming at waitresses for not understanding something. However, I remembered that I was still in my work uniform and that getting involved could come back to bite me.

What I did do was tell the waitress she was doing an excellent job and left her a decent-sized tip.