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(I am at a theme park, travelling with a group, including a girl with Downs Syndrome and someone in a wheelchair. We decide to take the train up the overwhelmingly steep hill to the gate to leave. We’re waiting, one train arrives and goes, and then another. The queue is slowly going away and the group is becoming restless. Then the third train arrives. Bear in mind that around the train are numerous signs all saying one-way trip. If you catch the train down, you have to get off for other people. Same in the other direction. On the train is a woman and a baby, who doesn’t want to get off. In fact, she openly believes having a baby means she doesn’t need to get off the train and join the queue.)

Woman: *pointing at the sleeping baby* “Well I have a baby!”

(This goes on for a few minutes until someone else in the line shouts out:)

Guest: “And we have disabled children!”

(The train conductor made a half hearted attempt to shush us as I end up yelling to the woman:)

Me: “So, you can’t read if you have a baby then?!”

(Then the whole queue begins yelling, but the woman is still insisting she doesn’t need to move. Then the baby stirred, being awoken by the noise. All of a sudden the woman is happy to get up and walk off, yelling:)

Woman: “F*** you!”

(As she does the walk of shame the crowd cheers loudly, ignoring the attempts at shushing us from the worker. At this she points the middle finger at us.)