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(It’s been a quiet night at the members only bar that I was a night manager of when I was 19, I had to run three bars on my own but only one was really in use. It was a common occurrence and didn’t phase me since people were generally nice to a young woman, but this was a different experience altogether. A darts team came in and took over the bar at the far end, disturbing the rest of my customers by yelling.)

Me: *smiling* Hi fellas, I’m gonna have to ask you to be a little quieter for the rest of the people here. Hope that’s okay.

Customer: We’re not gonna do nothin’, ya dumb cow. Get us our drinks.

Me: *a little annoyed by the name calling, but the rest of my customers had left me in a good enough mood that I said nothing about it.* …Right. Your drinks will be £xx.xx please.

(I went back to the main bar after serving them, leaving the service bell if they needed me and figuring it’d be better to leave them be. It’s quiet for about half an hour before they’re yelling at me to be served again.)

Customer: Hey, b****! We’re bone f***ing dry here! Get your a** here!

Me: Sir, we don’t tolerate that language here, and I ask for a little respect.

Customer: F***ing whatever. You’re being paid to serve me. Give me the same as before, b****.

Me: *fuming at this point* £xx.xx.

(Again I leave them to serve the other two bars open, and it’s even less time before they’re trying to get my attention again.)

Customer: *whistling* Hey, b****! Come here, dog! Serve me now!

Me: No.

Customer: What did you say to me!?

Me: I said no, I’m now refusing you service. I will put up with all kinds of names but I will not be treated like a stray dog. I am closing this bar now, please step away.

Customer: You wouldn’t dare! I’m on the committee and will have you fired! You little w****!

Me: *stares at him directly and closes the bar gate in front of him, silently walking away to the other bar.*

(He tried to break down the gate only to be dragged out by my nice patrons. A week later my boss calls me into the office saying he complained about me but as the rest of the people in the bar vouched for me so I suffered no consequences. I had to leave the job a few weeks later anyway because the guy used his connections in the business committee to work the same shifts as me voluntarily just so he could threaten me without people seeing. I wasn’t risking my safety for minimum wage!)