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(Our rates are higher than normal and a lot of people have been trying to convince us to go lower. This one takes the cake though.)

Me: *phone spiel*

Scammer: “Yeah yeah, what’s the rate?”

Me: “[Rate].”

Scammer: “I’ll call you back.” *click!*

(Half a minute later, he calls again.)

Same Scammer: “What’s the rate?”

Me: “It’s still the same, [Rate].”

(To my surprise, he begins yelling that I had told him a much lower rate that didn’t sound ANYTHING like the real rate. What’s more, he tries to convince me that I’m the liar.)

Same Scammer: *derisive laughter* “Are you really going try to pull the old switcharoo on me? I know you said [Much Lower Rate]!!”

(He tries to convince me to agree that I said something completely different, but I hide my awe at his nerve and stick to what I said before. He hangs up with a few nasty words. That scammer had the biggest set in the world for trying to scam the same person he talked to a minute ago. He should’ve picked a rate that at least sounded like the real one to be more convincing…)

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