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(A new ‘Digimon’ video game came out recently and, after watching my friend stream it, I decided to go to and pick it up. When I do, there’s myself, in the mid 20s, and another customer, appears to be roughly in his teens, along with an employee.)

Me: “Excuse me, but do you have any copies of that new Digimon game that just came out on PS4?”

Employee: “Yes, we do, just one moment.”

Me: “No worries, take your time.”

(As he’s looking for the game behind the counter, the teenager speaks up.)

Teenager: “Digimon?! HA! You should be playing real games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto!”

Me: “And what makes Digimon not a real game?”

Teenager: “It’s for kids! I bet you still play Pokémon too!”

Me: “As a matter of fact I do, not that it matters. Besides, I’d rather have games with some thought elements to it versus just shooting stuff willy-nilly.”

Teenager: “Excuse me?! What the f*** do you mean!?”

Me: “Well, let me see. In Pokémon, you have to remember the different moves, how they affect each other, and other details. As for Grand Theft or most, if not all, military games like Duty you just need to remember how the enemy looks.”

Teenager: “You have to sneak around and stuff too!”

Me: “Really? Every first person shooter or wannabe gangster game I’ve played, and, as a matter of fact, I have San Andreas, the sneaking and puzzle elements, when there, take a back seat in 95% or better of the missions.”

Teenager: “Well… I… uh… Pokémon and Digimon are still for little kids!”

Employee: “Actually, I’ve seen more people closer to him buying them lately. Though, you seem too young to be playing most of the games you claim you play.”

Teenager: “Well who asked you anyways, b****?”

Employee: “Please don’t use that term, and, if you must know, the game he wanted has quite a few scenes of violence and word usage as well. Way more than the TV show.”

Teenage: “So what, Digidorks is just trying to do that edgy s*** anyways.”

Employee: *ignoring him* “That’ll be [price].”

(I pay and start to head out only to have the Teenager grab me, which I react by slinging my arm back into his chest, causing him to lose balance and land on the floor.)

Teenager: “What the f***, you hit me!”

Me: “You were trying to gra—“

Employee: *to teenager* “Get out, NOW!”

Teenage: “What!? You’re kicking me out? I didn’t f***ing do anything!”

Employee: “That’s not what the cameras are going to show, and I can, and will, call the police if you don’t get out!”

(The teenager then starts to get up and try to approach the counter while shouting out several profane words and threatening violence and to ‘get his dad to fire him’.)

Employee: “You mean [name]?”

Teenager: Huh?! How do you know him!?

Employee: Seems you don’t remember, we used go to the church together.

(The teenager looks at the employee’s name tag and hurries out, almost knocking down a display.)

Me: “What was that about?”

Employee: I’m one of the heads of the church, and work with his father every Sunday. I wonder how he’d react if he knew he was playing those games, and, for the record, I prefer games like what I’ve seen you buy over the FPSes anyways.

(I smile and nod before heading out. The next time I came back, the same employee was there and told me that the teenager came by two days later to exchange his games and consoles with his father.)

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