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(Our movie theater is in a rich entitled area.)

Customer: *extremely irritable* “Where’s the manager? I need to speak to your manager!”

Me: *being a naive new employee of less than three months, I think maybe I can fix the problem* “What seems to be the problem ma’am?”

Customer: *immediately explodes into a tirade* “I TOOK MY SON TO [MOVIE] AND IT WAS PG AND THEY SWORE ENTIRELY TOO MUCH FOR A PG MOVIE!”

(This particular movie happened to be PG-13.)

Coworker: *hears the commotion* “Ma’am, [Movie Name] is PG-13.”

Customer: *continues to rant about her movie and how her ten-year-old son shouldn’t be exposed to this*

(My coworker again explains that the movie is in fact PG-13 but eventually decides it’s a lost cause. We send the customer on her merry way and that’s that. We have the internet for a reason, research your movie before you go to see it!)