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(I’m the dumb employee here. This was my first job outside of high school and I didn’t have a lot of experience even shopping at retail clothing stores. I was trained to be a cashier by mistake, as my main job was operations after the store closed, but since it was the holidays they were giving me a lot of [unwanted] cashier shifts. The customer was buying men’s pajama pants as a Christmas gift. I asked if she wanted a gift box, as I had been trained to do, and she said yes. I proceeded to assemble the box and put the pajamas inside it because I was flustered and assumed that’s what you were supposed to do.)

Customer: “Oh… um, that’s so sweet of you.” *pays and leaves*

My Manager: “While I appreciate your enthusiasm in helping customers, we don’t put the merchandise into the gift boxes. Just hand them to the customer next time.”

(I am still embarrassed about it to this day.)

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