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(Our rewards club card is unique because the card is PIN-protected.)

Me: “Are you a member of [rewards club]?”

Customer: “No, but my husband is.  It should be under [name].”

Me: “I’m not really supposed to let customers share their membership card.  I can do it just this once, but only if you know his PIN.”

Customer: “But I used his card all the time at [other location].  Try [number].”

Me: “Sorry, that number didn’t work.  Would you like to sign up for your own card today?”

Customer: “No, never mind.”

(I finish the transaction and hand the customer her receipt.)

Customer: “So did I get the rewards points?”

Me: “No, you said ‘never mind.'”

Customer: “But did it go on my husband’s card?”

Me: “No, as I said, you would need to know his membership PIN, or else get a card for yourself.”

Customer: “But I use his card all the time.”

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