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It’s a pretty typical day. I work at a small store on a main street.

Customer: “I need black floor tile.”

Me: “I’m sorry, Ma’am, but I think you may be in the wrong place. We sell clothing.”

Customer: “No, this is a tile shop! I got my old tile here!”

Me: “Well, about a decade ago, there was a tile shop here, but we moved into this location in 2006.”

Customer: “Well, I want tile.”

Me: “I can look up some tile shops that may be close to here…”

Customer: “No, I don’t want their tile. I want your tile!”

Me: “But, ma’am, we don’t sell tile. We sell clothes.”

Customer: “But I liked the tile that was here. I want that exact tile. You need to get me that tile!”

Me: “Ma’am, the closest thing I have to tile here is a checkered patterned men’s shirt.”

Customer: “So you do have tile?”

Me: “No….”

Customer: “Well, let me talk to your manager then!”

-manager, who has been listening and trying not to laugh, walks over.-

Customer: “This employee wont let me see your tile. I want the same black tile that I got here last time.”

Manager: ‘Ma’am, as you can very clearly see, this is a clothing store. We don’t even have tile on the floor. She offered to look up nearby tile stores for you and perhaps one of them can help you. We sell clothing. We only sell clothing. To my knowledge, clothing and tile shops do not exist.”

Customer: “GIVE ME MY TILE!”

Manager: “Clothing. We sell clothing. Clothes. Stuff to wear. We. Don’t. Sell. Tile.”

Customer: “So, you won’t give me my tile?”

Manager: “Get out.”

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