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It is New Year’s day. Me and my family go out to eat at a fast food restaurant. When we arrive, the place is completely empty of customers.

Employee 1: “Welcome to [restaurant].”

Me: “Pretty quiet in here.”

Employee 1: “Yeah, most people are at home, hungover.

I then make my order. I ask for a bottle of water with my meal. Employee 1 goes to check something, and then comes back.

Employer 1: “Sorry, we don’t actually have any bottles of water right now.”

Me: “Um… you know what, I’m not bothered about a drink.”

Employer 1: “I could get you extra fries instead if you want.”

Me: “Sure, thanks!”

A second employee brings the order out to us. Afterwards, a third employee wearing a headset comes from the back.

Employee 1: *to Employee 3* “Hey, we don’t have any water.”

Employee 3: *turns to the ice tray next to the drinks dispenser* “What do you mean?”

Employer 1: “No, water.”

Employee 1 and 2 start laughing.