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(I’m attend university about four and half hours away from my hometown. It’s 1:30 PM on December 8, I’ve just finished my last exam of the semester, and I’m getting ready to meet up with my parents at my aunt’s apartment not far from where I live (cleaning my room/bathroom, packing, etc.). Note: my oldest brother, although having a Facebook account, isn’t known for his social media usage, so the fact that this group conversation takes place exclusively over a messaging app is surprising. Also note that he is out of the country at this time, and six hours ahead of us.)

Oldest Brother: “Ask your father what he wants for Christmas/his birthday!”

Youngest Brother: “Wow, how modern you are!”

Oldest Brother: “With and antiquarian—“ *yes, he used that word* “—problem! Need help.”

Me: “Have you asked Mum?”

Oldest Brother: “Yes. I’ve forgotten what we talked about. Also, it’s work hours, so your fast replies are a little unnerving.”

Me: *being an unemployed, full-time student* “Work hours? What’s that? They’re coming into town tonight, so if it’s not a pressing matter I can lean on him then.”

Oldest Brother: “Works for me. Say hi from us.” *meaning him and his girlfriend* “Also, please ask about the gift policy regarding grandparents. I took a bus today, by the way.”

Me: “Mum suggested flowers/chocolates for them.”

Youngest Brother: “That could work. What do you guys want?”

Oldest Brother: “[Girlfriend] suggested some sort of family tree photo montage, but that seems like a bigger project. Could be good for Grandpa, though.”

(We talk a little back and forth about how me might make something like that (I suggest some sort of scrapbook, as I already have most of the materials), and gifts for each other In the end, OB suggested calling another aunt of ours for the family tree-thing, as she “likes to put things together”. She agreed with me.)