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(I work at a pet store which is one of a large chain, but the stores themselves are small. I’m working one night when the phone rings.)

Customer: Hi. I’m wondering if you guys do dog training.
Me: Well [store] itself doesn’t do it! but we work with a local trainer who’s great! I can give her your phone number if you’d like. As well, if you want to stop into the store we have flyers here that will give you $10 off a training program.
Customer: Alright. You’re located in [city] right?
Me: Yes. At the intersection of [street] and [street].
Customer: Well I’m in [city about two hours away]. I have a [pet store] near me and I wondered if they did dog training.
Me: Well sir, I would recommend you call them and ask them directly.
Customer: That’s a good idea. Thanks! (Hangs up)
Me: What just happened…?

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