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Backstory: I use to work for a traveling carnival in the 90’s, that did mostly county fair’s across the state.  At this one fair, I was running the “Swinger” ride that swings you around in a circle.  It’s a busy night, and I am running rides just as fast as I can load the ride.  Two drunks make it through my line and sit next to each other.  They start rocking back and forth “Swinging” back and forth.

Me: Sir’s please sit still.  Don’t Rock, Twist, or Swing.  The rules are right there *Points to rules*
Drunks: Ok Man.

I go an continue my safety checks and help people buckle in, when I make it back around I see them twisting the chains in with their chairs.

Me: Sirs, Second warning, please sit still.  Don’t Rock, Twist, or Swing.

I go around to double check everybody is buckled into the ride.  Take my seat at the controls, and start the ride.  It starts swinging everybody around the ride lifting them out of the air.  The drunks start to fight on the ride. I shut down the ride, turn it off.  Hop out of my chair and start walking the opposite direction the ride spins in.


After the ride slows to a stop.  I see my Boss hopping my fence line but I got it all under control.

Drunks: What did we do man!?
Me: I told you to sit still, and behave!  You were fighting on a full ride with kids on it!  Off the ride now!
Drunks: Ok Man!

The Boss escorted them off my ride, and I started it up again.  Later that evening my Boss was in the van with the other workers.

Boss: Man, don’t ever cross *Me*, man you should have seen him kick these drunks off his ride.  Scary.”