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So at my families restaurant,An angry customer comes in and
pays, My dad is dealing with this customer and this is what happens.

Irate Customer: Your food was so disgustin’! You better give me a discount or else I’ll call the Health department on you!

My dad: Well okay then,Heres the phone! *hands him the phone* Ill talk to them to if you want me to!

At this point this point the customer just becomes more mad,and throws the money at him and walked out. For some reason my dad walks out after him. Then the customer enters his car.

Irate Customer:What you got something to say to me? GO BACK TO MEXICO!

Irate Customer: *Realizes my dad is chinese*

Irate customer:Errm,Umm, GO BACK TO CHINA!

My Dad: *Trying to hold back the laughter* Okay sir you better step out of the car now.

Irate customer:Okay,When I will come out of the car,I will punch you.

At this point the wife of this huge doucheball of a man steps in


Irate Customer *Starts to drive away*

Remember people,Dont tick of the people who make your food.