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(I’m a cashier in a large supermarket. The last person in my queue is a twenty-something girl who seems to be too lazy to take a basket; her arms are full of stuff like bottled water and bread and plastic bags with fruit and vegetables are hanging from her fingers. She has an electronic reader out and she is reading throughout the whole time I am ringing out other customers. One of my transactions takes slightly longer than usual and it is time for me to close my till, so I turn my light off, just as the reading girl reaches the conveyor belt. Without raising her eyes from her book she completely ignores the sign as she starts unloading her items from her arms.)

Me: “Not you. This register is now closed.”

Customer: *only now looks up, with a wounded-gazelle look and in an annoying fake-surprised voice* “I should leave?”

Me: “Yes. This register is closed.”

(She picks all her stuff up again and moves the five meters to the next open register, but not before giving me another tortured-animal look and obviously trying to guilt-trip me into giving in to her.)