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13 Truly Annoying Stories About Mosquitos!

| Right | August 20, 2021

Dear readers,

Bzzzzzzz… Today is World Mosquito Day! This “holiday” was founded in 1902 by Nobel Prize winner Sir Ronald Ross, who proved that mosquitos transmit malaria. Turns out, those annoying little insects are not only incredibly irritating but dangerous, too! This day is meant to draw awareness to the danger of mosquitos and the ways you can prevent falling into their dastardly clutches.

And for us here at NAR, it means another excuse to make a weirdly specific roundup! Never ones to pass up on that kind of opportunity, we’ve rounded up 13 stories about the world’s most annoying insects: mosquitos!


Mosquitoes Are Satan’s Creation – This is so relatable.

She’s Not The Brightest Spark – Better a smarta** than a dumba**!

Silent Letters Bug Me – Honestly, this is how I say it in my head to remember how to spell it.

This Whole Thing Was A Mistake – What’s more irritating? Mosquitos or mosquito-based puns?

Those Mosquitoes Can Bite Me – That’s how I feel about mosquitos, too.

Pretty Sure Those Things Leave A Bigger Bite – This kid is way cooler than me.

Cheek-Slappingly Funny – Suuuuure, there was a mosquito.

Enough To Make Your Blood Boil – That sounds exactly like something a mosquito would do!

Dropping Notes Like Flies – Why you hittin’ yourself?

What To Do When Service Sucks – How… appetizing.

There Will Be Blood – They could’ve just used their words…

Making Mole-Hills Out Of Mosquito Bites – Maybe there’s one perk to mosquitos.

Health Conscious Mosquitoes Source Their Food – They discuss it at their weekly strategy meetings.


We hope you enjoyed this Mosquito-themed roundup, and that it didn’t make you too itchy! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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