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13 Stories About Customers Who Are Too Stupid To Recognize Irony

| Right | December 18, 2020

Dear readers,

It should come as no shock to regular readers of Not Always Right that the customers portrayed in many of our stories lack the mental capacity to understand or recognize irony.

Therefore, we’ve rounded up thirteen funny stories about customers who have to have the ironic last word, not realizing how unintentionally stupid they’re being.


Sharing One’s Loss – Oh, yes, the absolute most responsible of students.

Has Faith But Lost All Pope, Part 2 – Everyone knows that Jesus was born in a cute onesie, not nude like some heathen.

Stuck In The Wake Of Spring Break – So close to making the connection. SO close.

Buying Bread Costs You Dough – Warning: in this story, a customer actually apologizes.

Anything You Order I Order Better – This is like people who review recipes badly after changing everything. Ugh!

Parking Up The Wrong Tree – And what, precisely, do your dinner guests have to do with the store?

Some Allergies Can Be Swept Under The Table – I’ll bet being nice wouldn’t aggravate your allergies…

Library Staff Are Very Amen-able – This sounds like an excellent first step.

Benefits Are All About Sustaining Labor – Have fun with that!

Unlisted But Booked – Okay, we’re gonna need some more context here. What did you do?

Environ-mental – Soooo… do you care about the environment or don’t you?

Microsoft Works – For sure. That’s entirely evident.

Blind To Reason, Part 3 – Then… why did you send him to match colors of fabric?!


We hope you enjoyed this Ironic-Customer-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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