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13 Reasons Why I Hate Working Here

, , , , , | Right | January 24, 2022

During my high school sophomore year, I worked at a large chain pharmacy store through a couple of the major holidays and the dreaded 13¢ coupon days.

I hated the 13¢ coupon days. The store is right next door to an assisted living building for folks over fifty-five that are still well enough to live on their own but sometimes need help. These folks lived for the 13¢ coupon days. They came in droves and snatched up as much as they could for every 13¢ coupon that was in the weekly flyer.

The 13¢ coupons were usually for smaller, knickknack-type things, something you normally wouldn’t want to spend money on, but these people gobbled up the items. We had pencils, large erasers, travel items — such as hand lotion — that kind of thing. Within the first day, we would easily be out of a lot of these items, and the old people would just rant and scream at us for not having more and then demand rain checks to be made.

The manager would have to explain to them that the coupons do not get rain checks and that all items on the coupons are first-come, first-serve. So many angry, blue-haired old ladies. It sucked.

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