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13 Of The Most Worryingly Weird Checkout Encounters Ever

| Right | December 7, 2020

Dear readers,

Getting through the checkout should be a breeze; present items, get them scanned, pay, bag, leave. Throw in a bit of light small-talk if so inclined and it should be a shockingly boring and unmemorable experience.

The following 13 stories from our archive have checkout encounters that are so worryingly weird that they aren’t so easy to forget!


Putting The Dumb In Random – This is why a term in retail should be mandatory.

Don’t Count On Intelligence – Hits from the comments: “Either we have the world’s dumbest scammer or the world’s most ignorant customer.”

With Great Retail Power… – Were they buying tin foil? You know, to make hats out of?

Those Must Be The Mighty Ducks – Bread is actually bad for ducks. But what do we know?

Please Press Any Brain Cell To Continue – Why else would they ask for it?!


Do As I Say, Not As I Say – Who was the cashier talking to, then?

Faux Naturale – There’s a world of difference between “natural” and “shave off your eyebrows,” you know.

Odd Quarterly Statement – Hits from the comments: “What’s less than a half-wit? A quarter-wit.”

Judging Helps You To (Ac)Quit Unhealthy Eating – Thanks for giving us an actual reason to judge you, I guess.

It’s All In Your Head – Okay, this one’s just funny.

A Dollar In The Hand Is Worth Zero In The Wallet – You aren’t even shopping here now!

His Groceries Have Just Been Terminated – I can’t remember the last time a roundup left me with so many questions.


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about strange and worrying encounters at the checkout! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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