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13 More Cringe-Worthy Stories About Tourists Who Have Absolutely No Clue

| Right | January 28, 2021

Dear readers,

Last June we rounded up thirteen stories about clueless tourists as a means to provide some light-hearted laughs during a time when many of us couldn’t travel. It’s been a long few months since then and we still can’t travel, but we still do have our huge archive of stupid customer stories and the tourists just keep on popping up.

Therefore, we’ve rounded up yet more stories about tourists who absolutely have no clue. When the airports open up again and we can all start planning our trips, please don’t be like any of these people…


A Model Perspective – We sure hope this person doesn’t drive.

The Sun Is A Slacker Abroad – Hits from the comments: “You can’t use it in Antarctica in the winter.”

Reaching New (Faren)Heights Of Stupidity – Someone didn’t pay attention in science class…

Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts Would Disagree – I’m just an editor, sitting in front of a stupid story, asking, “Are you serious?!”

The Holy Ghost – I mean, most of them have, yes.

No Vocation For Location, Part 2 – That’s not how any of this works.

Lost In No Translation – Ugh, this one’s just embarrassing.

Criminal Behavior – You really can’t have anything nice.

Swords On A Plane – The sword’s not sharp, and neither is this passenger.

Ordering Pizza, Talking Baloney – To be fair, the pizza there will be very different.

High Commission Brain Attrition – I… I’m actually really concerned about this person.

Uphill Struggle – Why are you here, then?

It’s All Dutch To Me – Not only is he an idiot, but he’s got idiot friends!


We hope you enjoyed this Clueless-Tourists-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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