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13 More About Customers Who Are So Stupid They Needed Their Own List

| Right | March 29, 2021

Dear readers,

Even though we’ve already made one roundup about those extra stupid customers, it seems that we (and therefore, you) are gluttons for punishment. Just when we thought that we’d hit the bottom of the intelligence pile, the customers found a way to dig deeper.

Therefore, we’ve rounded up thirteen more stories from our archives about customers who are so stupid they needed their own roundup to stand out on a site dedicated to stupid customers.


Mothers Can Be A Daily Grind – Oooh, it could be like those hand towels that expand when you add water!

This Spells Disaster – Wait until they hear about the Dewey Decimal System.

Doesn’t Enjoy Bird Watching But Quite Likes The Woods – What does that have to do with you being an idiot?

When It Is Best To Step Down – Wait. What do you mean, “turn it on”?

Sadly Wasn’t Born Yesterday – I think you’re probably safe from that particular situation.

Power To The People – How did you even manage to make this call?

Very Low Key Driver – The next day, they called back as they’d locked themselves in their car.

Testing Plugs And Patience – Hold up. After you called back?

Literally Going Nowhere – Hits from the comments: “Would you like to return your brain, too? It’s clearly not used.”

I Hear Sea Shells On The Sea Shore – Well, the principle still applies, but…

Blame A Lack Of Concentration – Hits from the comments: “Too dumb to drink orange juice. That has to be a record.”

His Repair Method Doesn’t Hold Water – If you’re not sure if your computer is water-cooled, it isn’t.

When Funding Is Poultry – Who wants to bet whether she threw a fit later when there was no chicken?


We hope you enjoyed this More-Extra-Stupid-Customers-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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