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13 Funny Stories About Customers Who Were Too Relaxed With Their English

| Right | January 20, 2021

Dear readers,

The editors here at Not Always Right try our best to be good with the English! We’re not perfect and mistakes sometimes slip through, but we like to think that most native English speakers know the basics of the language to communicate clearly.

Obviously, when it comes to the customers, we were wrong. We’ve rounded up thirteen funny stories about customers who were a little too relaxed with their English, to the point that they were almost not speaking it! Injoy!


Spelling Gone Rogue – If you don’t have rouge, embarrassment will give your cheeks a nice glow.

D as in Duh – Delta Uniform Hotel.

Studying Post-Grammatic Stress – Hits from the comments: “They’re probably better off excluding data from somebody that dumb anyway…”

Actions Point Louder Than Words – Communication is clearly not Dad’s strong suit.

In George We Trust – That George Washington sure was a trendsetter.

Cinnamon Puns – What an ignorant, dense, dull, witless customer.

English Is Going Down (Under) – “Why can’t the English learn how to speak?”

Their Spelling Is Wrong, But They Are Sticking To It – We’re just shocked they could spell “GED”.

It’s Spelled I-d-i-o-t – Maybe you should just send them a text.

The Tower Of Babble – Mae g’ovannen to you, too!

A-B-C, Easy As D-U-H – Did you know that numbers go in order for a reason, too?

Post-Grammatic Stress – Hits from the comments: “Have a day.”

A Real Oxymoron – Pardon my English, but what the f***?!


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about English-speaking customers who are bad at English! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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