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13 Feel-Good Stories To Restore Your Faith In Humanity From December 2020!

, | Right | January 3, 2021

Dear readers,

It’s that time of the month again to remind us that Karma can also be a force for good and reestablish a little hope for humanity!

Rounded up below are thirteen inspirational stories from the month of December that spread a little joy around!


A Rabbi Walks Into A Supermarket… – Okay everyone… deep breath… “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Bright Lights Like These Are Easy To Spot – We always have room for a good “pay it forward” story!

You Can’t Hide Nerdiness Under A Uniform – Awesome nerds on duty are still awesome nerds.

And That Is How The Christmas Cookie Crumbles – Keeping the magic alive a little longer!

Making A Song And Dance About Your Relationship – Love worth writing an opera for!

Get That Holiday Mango Home! – This is 100% kindness, despite being grumpy.

The Polar Express Was Cancelled – When you pretend you’re being nice but you really just want to meet the kitty!

Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart – Spending the holidays apart doesn’t mean you have to be apart.

Dental Health Isn’t Their Only Area Of Expertise – Hand-holding is a very important medical skill.

A Storm Of Kindness – Kindness so awesome it takes over a whole state.

It Was No Trouble At All – All it takes is that first act of kindness and so much more can follow.

Isn’t Toying Around With The Landing – It makes sense, Santa has to be able to land somewhere.

Lighter On Their Wallets – We think this roundup has room for one more Christmas miracle…


We hope you liked our feel-good roundup! If you want even more feel-good stories, you can find some here!

Got your own story to restore faith in humanity? Share it here!

Stay safe, everyone!