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(It is Super Bowl Sunday, but also the start of a popular coupon promotion at work. As such, the lines are incredibly long, going halfway down the aisles and also across almost to the frozen section, and due to a scheduling error, only a handful of cashiers are available. I am not cashiering as I have other work that needs to get done. I have just arrived and I am getting ready to start my first job when a woman with an overflowing cart comes up to me.)

Customer: Excuse me, can you put all this back for me? I forgot my coupons at home and I don’t want to buy this without them.

Me: (stares at her cart) Uh…

Customer: Or can you just hold it all until tomorrow when I come back with my coupons?

Me:…. Go ask Customer Service. They can help you.

(Customer Service told her no, like I knew they would.)

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