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(We give every guest a number when they order A guest forgets his number before he goes to sit down. Since I took his order and know where it went, I tell the other crew members to just let me take out his order when its ready. this guy decided to claim an order that was similar to his but not exactly when another server went to take food out to another table. so needless to say I was confused when I went to take out his food.)

Me: Oh, um, I have your order here 2 cheeseburgers no spread add mayo?

Him: right well you didn’t give me a number so I just expected some clueless idiot to be wandering around not knowing where to put my food so I claimed the last one that came one assuming it was mine.

Me: Well you actually forgot your number on the counter and I told the whole crew that I would take it out because I knew that you were the one who forgot your number. and that in front of you is 2 cheeseburgers the way the come with no modification. do you want to keep eating that or do you want the correct order that I have here?

Him (Sarcastically): No I’m just going to keep eating your mistake.

Me: Listen I’m sorry there was some confusion here but I have your correct order here and I’ll take this wrong order and get it out of your way, next time though just trust us that will get you your food or make sure you have your number for your table.

Him:Don’t go blaming me for your mistake. it’s not my fault you didn’t give me a number.

Me: I’m not blaming you I’m just saying it is the lunch rush and theres a lot of people in here and we just took a lot of orders so it’s easy for mistakes to be made.

Him:(Sarcastically): Oh yeah I’m sure that your life is sooo difficult it must be super hard to flip burgers for a living.

Me: Ok I’m done taking your shit. if you need anything else ask my manager to help you.

(He did end up asking my manager for help and was an ass to her as well and she asked him to leave.

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