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(I am working as an on-site rep in an industrial plant to maintain specific equipment. There is a plant engineer who doubts everybody. He would ask a question. If, out of ten people, nine would answer blue and one would answer turquoise, he would question the nine blue answers, and keep asking the same question, again and again, because he had a doubt about the answer. He would regularly ask the same questions to different people, until he got a slightly different answer, so he would doubt all the other answers. One time, I had a coworker come in from another site to give me a hand.)

Coworker: “I saw the engineer.”

Me: “Let me guess. He asked you about .”

Coworker: “Yeah.. what’s the story about that?”

Me: “Someone told him , so now, he doubts it all, and asks that question to everybody from [our company] that comes in.”

One time, he was in an operator booth with the operator. I enter the booth and he immediately asked me a question.
I gave the answer.
The operator looks at him, pissed off.

Operator: “The next time you have a question, why don’t you go ask [my name] instead?

Engineer: “Whut? Why?”

Operator: “You asked me a question. I gave you the answer. You ask [my name] the same question. He gave you, word for word, the same answer. You don’t believe me, you believe him. Next time, ask him and leave me the fu** alone.”

The engineer looked around wide eyes and left. At another time, I had just fixed a problem on our equipment.

Me: “There. It’s working properly now.”

Engineer: “what makes think it works properly?”

Me: “Because the self-test results are good.”

Engineer: “How do you know they’re good?”

Me: “Because they show the values I am expecting to see.”

Engineer: “What do those value means?”

Me: “the raw value and ratio between wavelength A and wavelength B. Do you understand what I just said?”

Engineer: *sheepishly* “no…”

One of the operator booths had two doors on opposite sides. At one point, he would come in and as soon as he would put his hand on the door handle, the whole booth would go empty by the other door. He would enter, look around at the control screen, and walk out, upon which the operators and other personnel would enter back the booth.

I left that plant shortly after that. I wonder what happened to him.

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