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I am a library assistant at a county library. At this branch, we have a drive-up drop-box, where people can return items, whether or not we are closed. We go through it several times a day and empty it to check items in. In the morning, before we open, we back date the check-ins to the last open day (so on Friday morning we backdate to Thursday, and on Mondays we backdate to Saturday). Though I worked multiple days a week at the library, I am only at this branch every other Friday. I am female who is nearly six foot tall, so most people don’t intimidate me too much on that front.

One day, a very angry man, about half a foot taller than me, comes in raging about his account. He claims that he had put his items in the dropbox on a Thursday, several days before it was due, and when it got checked in, he ended up with $10 worth of fines. I told him I would look at his account and see what I could, and he just kept ranting about how we messed up, and he shouldn’t have to pay, and just kept going on and on. When I looked at the dates he told me, I said it looked like he was right and I didn’t know why the fees where on there, but since I didn’t work that day, I wasn’t sure what had happened.

I offer to get my manager to talk about it, to see if she was cool with me waiving the fees, etc. Then he starts ranting about how none of us know how to do our jobs, and just getting angrier. My coworker goes to grab my manager because she thought he was gonna start throwing punches or something. I have just stopped talking, letting him rant.

At this point, his wife calls, and he starts ranting to her about all this. Just as he stops to take a breath I notice something. “Sir, I’m sorry I was wrong. I was looking at the wrong month on the calendar. If you turned them in on the day you said, they were 10 days late, so you do owe us $10”. Which is when he shuts up, hands me $10, and sheepishly walks away.

I turn around and my manager asks “How did you not go off on that guy?”

My reply, “I’ve worked retail too long.”

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