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I work as a cashier for a sporting goods store. It’s baseball season, and a couple with their 3 kids are in line with a pile of baseball gear. The family is working through an extended transaction at my counter, the mother having committed the deadly sin of finding a coupon AFTER the initial sale was completed. While the parents stay at my counter as we work through honoring the coupon, the kids step off to the side, goofing off as kids do. I’m typing the receipt information into the computer when this happens…)

Mother: “Hey! Hey! You do NOT touch my children!”

(I look up to see and older man trying to walk behind the couple, only to be stopped by the mother stepping in front of him.)

Mother: “You do NOT touch my children! That is unacceptable!”

Man: *leans forward and cups his hand around his ear* “I can’t hear you.”

(he man is well into his 60s, so it’s not hard to assume that he has a bit of trouble hearing her. As the man leans forward, the mother literally grabs onto his shirt and holds him as she continues yelling.)

Mother: “That is unacceptable! You do NOT touch my kids!”

Man: “You’re crazy, lady. Let go of me.”

(The older man scoffs and tries to push past the mother. The husband steps around his wife and literally forces himself into the older man’s face.)

Husband: “You better back up, m**********r.”

(The older man, wise enough to avoid a fight, backs up and finds another way around the family. The mother turns back to me, just as I’m finishing re-ringing their items.)

Mother: “That was completely unacceptable, He SHOVED my child out of the way. My child was just standing there holding my little baby. That was unacceptable.”

(In reality – according to my manager – the child was not roughly shoved but gently pushed out of the man’s way. Despite the fact the no one was injured during the indecent, the mother continues to vent to myself and my manager about how unacceptable it was for another person to touch her son. Thankfully, they complete their transaction without further indecent and leave for their son’s baseball game. If that’s how she reacts when someone gently pushes her child out of the way, I’d hate to see how she acts when the umpire makes a bad call.)

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