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(It’s the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day and there are lots of drunk people around. The coffee shop normally has a public restroom, however during this time of year it gets trashed and very unsanitary.   While waiting in line to get some coffee the following happens to the cashier)

Customer: I’ll have a large latte and can I use the restroom?

Cashier: Sorry it’s out of order.

Customer: I’m paying for something can’t I use it.

Cashier: Sorry still can’t use it. Some left a mess in it and now it’s a health hazard so we had to close it down.

Customer: What if I was a women? Would you let me in then?

Cashier: Still no because it’s a health hazard and we have to follow the health codes.

Customer: I don’t get it! You’re discriminating against me!!

Barista: Thats it you can leave! Refund his drink!

(Later that day a coworker went there and the same cashier asked a person buying a banana if they were buying it just so they can use the restroom)

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