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We’re a high end tea store, and sometimes find customers in our location trying to guilt us about our prices, haggle, or otherwise get discounts or guarantees for no particular reason.

(After having had me show her every tea pot in the store, and settling for one of our most affordable pieces, less than half the price of every other teapot)

Customer: “So, do I get a warranty on this?”

Me: “Uh, sorry; we don’t offer warranties except on electrical goods. We will, of course, take it back at any time if it’s faulty.”

Customer: *stares blankly* “So, if my roommate breaks it…”

Me: “…It would be broken.”

Customer: “But if it’s not my fault, why should I have to pay for a new one?”

Me: “Perhaps you could ask your roommate to replace broken items, or… not touch them.”

(At this point her boyfriend joins her at the counter, and I step away to let them have a word together)

Customer: *To boyfriend, loudly* “Yeah, I would definitely buy it, but not unless they offer me warranty or some sort of discount in case I break it. I think that other place does.”

Boyfriend: “Babe, a warranty is void if you break something.”

Customer: “Oh! …Right.”

(She quietly goes through with the rest of the sale, with no more complaints or subtle haggling attempts. Thank you, boyfriend, for stating the obvious.)

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