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I work at a seafood to-go place in VA. We also have a candy store right next to us.

Customer: Hi,do you know what where the lobster is?

Me: Sure,ma’am it’s in the far left display case.

Customer: No! Not lobster like that.

*Im so confused on what she wants that I try different options. She’s also clearly irate*

Customer: No! Who would eat fried lobster, baked lobster, or even frozen lobster!

Me: Well ma’am, that’s all the lobster in our stock. If you could show me where you think it is I’ll try to find it but if not, i suggest going to the supermarket.

Customer: No, those people are idiots like every other person in restaurants. Just give me your manager.

*I explain to my manager the problem and he confirms that we don’t have any other lobster.*

Customer: Oh, finally! That idiot you hired doesn’t know your stupid stock! Now give me my Lobster!

Manager: I’m sorry, but my wonderful employee just showed you all our selection of lobster. Have you gotten lobster from here before?

Customer: Yes! Fine,if you don’t know where it is, I’ll show you.

* The customer leads us out of the building and walks next door to the candy store.*

Customer: See! I get my lobster from your stock every time!

Me:*highly doubting this* OK Ma’am, can you please show us where it is so we can make future notes?

* Customer leads us inside and beelines to the gummy section.*

Customer: See! No wonder there’s a saying “The customer is never wrong”

* My manager and I are staring at the gummy lobsters she’s pointing at. I really want to say something, because I’m afraid I’ll get fired Luckily, my manager says it for me.*

Manager: Have you also heard the saying “There’s an idiot born every minute”? First of all we’re in a candy shop, second that’s gummy lobsters, and third, after my employee and daughter ring you up, you’re officially banned.

Customer: Why? What did I do?

Manager: That’s what happens to idiots who cause my employees discomfort.

Customer: Fine, I was never coming back anyway!

*She throws the bag of gummy lobsters at me and storms off yellin cuss words and like every other customer does…

Customer: I’ll be calling corporate!

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