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(The customer called to buy a specific lead required to connect her laptop to a loudspeaker she had purchased from us previously. The story begins after a painful 5 minutes of me struggling to help her find the item in question on our site – something I know most of our customers could do with no assistance)

Customer: “OK I’m going to the checkout now… Wait! It’s telling me there’s a £6 delivery charge? I’m not paying that, I already bought the speaker from you!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but that charge is there because it costs us money to send stuff out to you. If you had bought everything at the same time there would be just one delivery charge.”

Customer: “Well I didn’t do that because the website made it look like it came with that lead.”

(I checked the page and went back after the call and double checked, there was nothing on the page to indicate the lead was included)

Me: “Sorry but I think you might be confused, the website doesn’t say that. If it’s a problem there’s two day delivery which is £3.”

Customer: “No, no, no! I need this lead TOMMOROW!”

Me: “Well then next day delivery is £6.”

Customer: “This isn’t acceptable. If you don’t give me free delivery then I’ll send the speaker back for a refund.”

(Under UK law anything bought online can be returned within a certain period, even if it’s been used and they don’t have the original packaging. Returned electric goods can be very hard to sell and cost the business a lot of money. In the end I stood down and gave her free delivery. She stands as a infuriating example of a customer that makes a mistake, can’t take the blame for it then makes you suffer for it.)