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(I am a 14 year old who has been in dire needs of reeds for my clarinet and since I’m top clarinet in my highschool band I’ve been put under some high expectations)

Me: *walks into to store* Um hello?
Cashier: Hey what can I do for you?
Me: How much does a box of reeds cost?
Cashier: $28 if you count plus tax
Me: S*** I only have $25
Cashier: How much do you need exactly?
Me: Just a few
Cashier: Give me a moment *pulls out a box of reeds and gets three from it*
Cashier: Here
Me: Oh thanks! How much do I owe?
Cashier: None. My manager isn’t here. Don’t tell anyone
Me: Thank you so much!!

(To whoever you were man! You cheered up a young musician in need!)

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