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(Not to start this off as a sob story, but it’s related to this story. I had lost my father at n early age. When I was 19 I was working at my mother’s cafe which was in a medical office building. My mom had just been in a bad car accident due to my step-father drinking and driving. Both survived accident. A week after my mom was still in the hospital and I was keeping the cafe up and running. Pretty much everyone at the medical office knew about what had happened to my mom. A customer/employee of the medical office came in.

Me-hello, how are you today?

Customer – I’m fine. How is you mom doing?

Me-she is doing better (I say politely)

Customer-Well, what’s that suppose to mean!? (She says clearly annoyed)

(At this point I’m very flustered so I just don’t respond to her.)

Customer-Well, how about your dad?! (In a demanding tone.)

(I turn to face her)

Me- My dad is dead. ( I walk to the back to cool off)

(My coworker goes to deal with her. After the customer leaves my coworker tells me that the customer was angry over the way I spoke to her and that she was never coming back into the cafe again. And in the following 3 years I worked there I never had to see her again)

Question of the Week

Has a customer ever tried to cross you and lived to regret it? What happened?

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