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Customer: Are your phones broken or something?

Me: No…? Um, we can’t answer the phones if we’re already with customers, so maybe that’s why no one picked up.

Customer: Oh someone picked up.

Me: … oh…? I thought you said no one answered?

Customer: No I didn’t! I asked you if they were broken!

Me: Oh, ok. Well I don’t understand why you’re asking me that, then.

Customer: Because I called three times!

Me: And only got through once?

Customer: No I got through each time!

Me: I don’t understand.

Customer: I kept getting cut off! And I had to keep calling back!

Me: Oh, weird. Maybe one of them is broken, then. Sorry about that. We’ll have to take a look at that.

Customer: Oh maybe she just didn’t want to talk to me!

Me: Um, I highly doubt she hung up on you…

(Turns out one of the phones was broken! haha)

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