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(This is something that’s happened with my Auto Tech Teacher when he owned a bar. He was bartending, when he noticed this happening. A young Girl was sitting at a table when a Guy just DRAGS her out of her chair and forces her to dance with him. She tries not to, but gives in. The Guy stops dancing with her to go play pool. The Girl sits back in her chair. Few minutes later, the SAME Guy does the same thing to her, her face showing she’s obviously uncomfortable. My Teacher walks up to her after he leaves her.)

Teacher: Ma’am, you alright?

Girl: Yeah, fine.

Teacher: You sure?

Girl: Yeah, well, no. I just don’t want to cause a scene.

Teacher: Ma’am as the owner of this bar, you’re under my care, so I’ll see to it that he doesn’t do that again.

(My Teacher goes to the pool table the Guy is at. He is directly across from him.)

Teacher: Sir, you know that girl you were dancing with?

Guy: Yeah?

Teacher: Well she’s VERY uncomfortable, so I’d appreciate it if you’d stop.

Guy: (Angry) Well, I can dance with whoever the hell I want!

Teacher: I’m gonna have to ask you to leave then.

(My Teacher turns around to go back to the bar, figuring it was all over. Then, he gets a bad feeling and turns around to see the Guy, frozen, already halfway across the pool table, pool cue (stick) raised up high, ready to smack him.)

Teacher: Son, you seriously can’t be that stupid.

(The Guy leaves with his head down and the Girl thanked him for it.)

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