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(I am a cashier and at the busiest line on one of the busiest days. When customers need to do refunds, they have to go to the customer service desk, otherwise there is no way to reopen a transaction already paid for. My register is the farthest from the customer service desk and I have a line building when a young couple come next in my line.)

Customer 1: Hi, I forgot I needed to grab cash when I bought these (holding up a large box of groceries I did not ring up for them.), Is there any way I can get cash back?

Me: Yes, however you will have to make another purchase. I cannot open up your transaction once you have paid for it.
(Customer 1 immediate looks for something cheap she wants. I have a line forming at this point but I am giving them a chance since they are in a hurry.)
Customer 2: Aw c’mon. Just let us get cash back.
Me: I would be happy to let you get cash back but I cannot open up your transaction that you made at a different register-
Customer 2: Really? You can’t help us out? We just bought this stuff and forgot to get cash. Just help us out.
Me: The only way your transaction might be able to opened again is if you wanted a refund and that is done at the cusyomer service desk.
Customer 2: We just need $20. Just help us out.
(The guy was starting to make me feel bad like I was refusing to give him customer service. It continues this way until customer 1 came back with a drink to purchase with her debit card.)
(Awkward silence was exchanged as the transaction took place.)
Me to customer 2: Look, I just wouldn’t even know how to do what you requested here, these machines are not programmed that way and it just wouldn’t be possible.
(Customer 1 gives a weird look to customer 2 as if embarrassed by his attempts to get cash back any otger way and they both leave with my most polite goodbye and thank you for shopping statement.)

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