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, | Unfiltered | November 20, 2018

I work in a supermarket as a supervisor and have a lot of customers wanting to be served at the same time as we don’t have enough staff on at certain times but phone calls have to be taken as often as possible as we have a ring called night bells which uses the intercom so its loud and customers are normally fine with us answering just to stop the noise.

This particular time I had a very angry customer yelling at me about being charged extra for his grocery’s on his order and why was I not fixing it. Yelling for the manager. He was getting very abusive towards everybody all the while the phone was ringing at it’s loudest, he then screamed for me to pick the phone up using as many swear words as possible. On the other end of the line was a little old lady with this lovely butterfly broach on. How did I know about that broach she was waiting in line maybe four people back on her cellphone  and said to me “Just thought I might praise you for being so patient with the fool I would have hit him over the head with my basket by now and while your on the phone can you tell me where the dam ice cream cones are for the life of me I can’t find them”.

I swear the only reason I didn’t sock the guy was because the little old lady completely skipped ahead of him in line for ice cream cones.

Turns out the guy forgot to swipe his loyalty card even though he was asked too. In the end he saved 23cents and got banned from the store for being abusive towards customers and the staff. Oh and I’m the night supervisor for the store. The only store open past 9pm at night and where he can only shop before he starts night shift at his work at 1am. Guess he will just have to do his shopping after work when he’s tired and grumpier. Maybe he will be too tired to abuse the staff and won’t get kicked out of their stores.

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