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(I am at the store with my best friend and her mother.  At this time, I am a senior in high school and she a junior.  Note that she almost never wears a color that isn’t black and most of the time that she does, it’s because her shirt has a design on it.  She is also a metal head and loves My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic.  Her favorite it Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo with Pinkie Pie as a close second.  She dragged me to the toy aisle and is pawing frantically through a display of MLP plushies, one earbud in her ear, the other dangling down and blasting screamo music.)

Best friend: *in a spastic, somewhat panicky voice* No!  No!  They don’t have Derpy!

Old lady standing a few paces away wearing a large cross necklace: *staring at my friend with huge eyes*

Best friend: *pauses and glances at the lady* Um, it’s for my little cousin, her birthday is coming up.  *continues her vain search*

Her mother: *walks into the next aisle as if she didn’t know us*

Me: *trying not to die laughing*

(Fast forward almost a year, my best friend and several other friends, one of whom later became my boyfriend, got me hooked on MLP.  I am Black Friday shopping in Madison with my mother and two little sisters.  We’re at Khol’s for their Monster High Dolls, as my youngest sister is obsessed with them, when we realize they have Equestria Girl dolls as well.)

Me: Vinyl Scratch Equestria Girl doll!  MINE!!! *snatches it off the shelf*

Everybody in the very small, very crowded aisle: *backs away slowly*

Mom: (my name), you found Equestria Girl dolls?! We’re coming!

(There just happened to be two Vinyl Scratch so my older little sister could get one, too, and the youngest little sister was very satisfied with a Rainbow Dash.)

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