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(I work as a customer service manager at a furniture store, and I have a coworker, also a manager, who is of Spanish descent. One day a Mexican lady, with her whole family, comes up to our desk to complain because we will not exchange a table she purchased that has nothing wrong with it. My coworker listens quietly as the customer explains the situation again, in English. But about half way through her story her husband steps up and starts speaking in Spanish to my coworker. The gentleman continues to speak in Spanish for a good five minutes. The wife is looking from her husband to my coworker over and over and making little Mmhmm, and uh-huh, noises every time she turns her head. When her husband finally finishes speaking, she looks to my coworker.)

Wife: “Did you get all of that?”

Coworker: *shrugging her hands a little in confusion* “I… I don’t speak Spanish.”

I had to get up and leave for fear of bursting out in laughter.

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