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(In Atlanta, there is an extremely popular and famous haunted house. The lines can easily get into four or five hours long, not to mention that this sort of place attracts every type of person. I used to work for it and know mostly everyone who works on the floor and security as they all are players at a LARP I attend. I am going on the night before Halloween and it is absolutely packed. My husband and I decide to wait in line despite getting discounted tickets to skip the line, since there are exhibits and cool things to look at. Please note that we are both a tad overweight and I, the wife, have very short hair and a large bruise and bloody eyebrow, as I just got done with an sparring weekend in a full-contact event. Basically, I got slammed in the face. With that, I look a bit ugly or possibly like a guy. Behind us in the line the entire time, there is a group of sorority sisters or high school girls being whiny the entire time.)

Husband: “Can I get a kiss?”

(I’m very against PDAs, so I hesitate and agree. My husband lightly pecks me on the cheek and smiles. He asks to hold my hand and we stand there looking at some of the exhibits. Shortly after, while he holds my hand, a feel a painful punch on my back shoulder. I winch and turn around.)

Bitchy girl 1: Can you fatasses not do that please? I’m going to vomit.

Bitchy girl 2: Yeah seriously, we can here to be scared on purpose.

Bitchy girl 3: Yeah please just turn around too. You look like you get beat for fun.

At this point, I’m in tears. I am extremely ashamed of my somewhat male face and my husband knows it. He continues to hold my hand tight and we just turn around. About five minutes later, one of the girls pulls aside a security officer and says that we are trying to make out and have sex in line. The officer, one the best makeup artists for the LARP and an ex-marine, knows me by looks because he was there when I hurt my face.

Security Officer: Ma’am, sir, please come with me.

At this point, the bitches start laughing and pointing, but we know what is up. Our friend escorts us up front, but first we stop by the “gatekeeper” who separates out the line into groups so it is easier to get through the house. He’s another guy from the LARP, but doesn’t look it all since he is built and very intimidating.

Security Officer: Seems to be three sorority sisters, all wearing (local college) sweatshirts. Can you make sure if they do anything, you kick them out or at least send them back in the line? One of them punched (my name).

Gatekeeper: Oh, I’ve got a better idea. Can (Husband’s name) and (my name) stay with me for a moment?

My husband and I look at each other and nod. The security officer sighs and says sure, why not.

About twenty minutes of talking with our friend, the girls show up. They are laughing their asses off at us at this point and call me all sorts of vulgar things. They seem to think we are being held to be arrested or something similar. Our friend puts his arm across the hallway and asks them to stop.

Gatekeeper: Ladies, it seems our cameras caught you hitting this poor girl here. You have two options. You can leave immediately or I can call (Security Officer) over and he can escort you to the local police station to explain why you hit a girl in public.

All of them starting screaming and calling me obscenities. I look down and try not to cry, but at this point, two more security officers come by and escort them out of line. At this point, I’m about to just leave, but one of the girls from the ticket booth, another from our LARP, stops by.

Ticket Booth Girl: God, that felt good to see. Here (my name), sorry for the trouble. (Gatekeeper’s name), can you make sure they’re in the next group in?

She handed us two free tickets for Halloween and just asked me to come by after the haunted house to explain the situation to the head security officer.

I usually just let bullies be, but seeing a lot of friends, some of which I had only met once or twice, help out really helped me keep faith in people. At the end of the house, we found the girls in a police car after having kicked the security officer and trying to run. All of them were crying and call my husband and I some of the worst things. I didn’t press charges for the assault since they were so young, but I still hope they learned something.

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