Dodged An Interview, And A Bullet

, , , , , | Working | October 19, 2018

(I am looking for a job and decide to try applying at a locally-owned store. Several days after dropping my resume off, I go to check and see if it has been processed yet. I am immediately directed to the office of the owner, who turns out to be in a meeting. I am told to sit and wait, but after 45 minutes I leave, telling the secretary that I will return the next day as I have other things on my schedule I can’t put off. Upon returning, I am again instructed to go to the owner’s office. He proceeds to go into an apoplectic rant about how I “couldn’t wait five minutes despite feeling entitled to barge right in,” along with some talking about how he would have given me an interview “had I had any patience at all.” Since it is obvious I’m not getting the job, anyway, and since by now I am actually feeling relief that I won’t have to work for such an individual, I decide to go ahead and say things one doesn’t normally say in a job interview.)

Me: “I came here yesterday to see if my resume had been processed. The only reason I entered your office yesterday was because that was where I was told to go by your secretary. I was not informed you were occupied at the time, nor did I leave ‘without saying a word.’ But frankly, I’m glad things turned out the way they did, because with the attitude you’ve displayed, working here would obviously be a mistake.”

(I left him sputtering in indignation as I walked out the door.)

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