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(Today, I was kind of the dumb one–at home and at Subway. Since I was distracted by my Mom’s conversation with the customers behind us, I didn’t quite answer what length of sub or kind of bread I wanted right away. Then, when it came to the toppings, the sandwich artist asked for what I wanted. I said, “Pickles and green olives.” I must’ve blanked, when he put on the olives, because I said “green olives” again. He pointed to them on the sub. I said, “Oh, I didn’t see them there.” Then, when it came to the sauces, I said, “Mustard, mayo, and sub sauce.” I guess I blanked out again, because I said “sub sauce” again. He pointed to the sub sauce on the sub, which I did not originally see, either. I was joking about my mistake again. Then, when it came to getting a drink at the fountain (a fountain of which I hate), I already got the ice, and was wanting to put lemonade in my cup. Instead of using the touch screen, I used the lever for the ice again, causing more unneeded ice to fall into my cup. My Mom said it just wasn’t my day… Even though I got plenty of sleep last night! I was more with it at the fair a few days prior, with only two hours of sleep! The good part about this story is that the customers behind us, who were distracting me with their conversation with my Mom, gave us coupons, so I didn’t have to spend (all of) my money!)