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(I’m a cashier in a store in like mid-Georgia, I’ve been working here maybe about a month at this time, and we have a savings card that you can get by signing up, it takes like two minutes at the most, it’s your name, phone number, address and email. In saying that people lose their cards all the time and we have to look them up but we do it by phone number.. because two people can have the same name.. no one has the same phone number. Anyways this lady goes through my line)

Me: Hi How are you?

Customer: Good How are you?

Me: I’m good, Do you have an [Store name]’s card.

Customer: Yes, Mam’ I’ll give you the number in just a minute.

Me: That’s fine, I can scan the card at any point during the transaction.

(So I go and continue scanning her groceries, continuing through the line of questions I have to ask Ex: “Do you want your milk in a bag” So on and so forth until I’m going from scanning to about to complete the transaction.)

Me: Okay Mam’ That’s going to be 278.99. Would you like to use your savings card?

Customer: Yeah, Let me give you my phone number.

(She gives me a number but she only gives me Eight digits, I’m from america. All phone numbers excluding like emergency numbers are 10 numbers. So thinking I heard her wrong because the store is always insanely loud, I ask her to repeat the numbers hoping that she did or that she’ll suddenly remember the missing numbers. She repeats the same numbers back too me)

Me: I’m sorry but there’s only 8 numbers here. Phone numbers are 10 numbers long.

Customer: No, They are eight, Three in the front, two in the middle, Three on the end.

Me: No mam’ there are 10, three in the front, three in the middle, four on the end.

Customer: NO that’s the right number!

Me: Okay, Just give me one second.

(So In order to avoid fights or anything of the sort I hand the paper to the service clerk at the end of the register.. -Who wasn’t paying attention to the discussion I had just had with the lady- and he goes to the back to look up the number)

Service Clerk: The System requires 10 numbers in order to run the program to find the card number.

Customer: But that’s my number.

Me: No mam’ all phone numbers are 10 numbers long.

Customer: Fine. I just won’t buy any of this then. I don’t want to get it without a card

Me: Are you sure..? I can just get you a new card, it will only take a few minutes.

Customer: Yes I’m sure I’m in a hurry.

Me: I can always see if someone behind you will let you scan their card?

Customer: Is there a card that you can scan for me?

Me: No mam’ it’s against company policy to scan employ cards for customers.. I can scan another customers card if you would like?

Customer: No Whatever, I’ll just go. Bye.

(I apologize to the person behind her and call a manager down to void off the transaction the Manager tells the service clerk to go and return all the items that were in the buggy and Again apologizes to the person behind the other lady.)

Customer #2: Well you have probably the best patience I have ever seen. Don’t worry I have my card.

Me: .Thank god… How are you today?

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