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(I’m on a school field trip to visit the historical sites in and surrounding Boston. We stops at Fanieul Hall for lunch, so I walk around with my friends, looking for food, practically foaming at the mouth because of the delicious smells, so my friend and I find our way to a sea food shop, and so it begins.)

Me: (being naturally over apologetic, if that’s not an understatement) Hello, I’m sorry, but how much would your flounder cost, I’m sorry.

Worker: Flounder? That’s 13.25, it comes with fish, fries, and as all entrees do, a side of coleslaw.

Me: sorry, is it alright if that’s what I order? Sorry.

Friend: Dude, seriously, just order your stupid fish, c’mon man, stop apologizing.

Me: alright sorry.

(Realizing my mistake)

Me: oh crap, sorry……………… wait…………

Friend: Dude, I will punch you in the face right here in Fanieul hall right now if you don’t stop apologizing

Me: sorry

(Yet again realizing my mistake)

Me: (face palm) God, why?!

(It goes on like this for the next ten minutes while we wait for my food to prepare, until this happens)

Worker: Alright, here you go, that’ll be 13.25

(I pay 14)

Worker: alright, and here’s your change.

Me: (knowing forgetful self) Um….. I’ll probably lose it, uh… please, keep the change.

(Worker grabs change and directly deposited it in the donations jar on the counter)
The worst part:

Worker: thank you


(Then we continued to eat our meals, which where indeed worth the wait, but to this day, I’m limited to only a certain amount of “I’m sorry”‘s per class period in school.